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AutoGuide.com 10-22-2012 04:50 PM

Camaro ZL1: Street Legal Race Car With the Podium Spot to Prove it


In an unprecedented move, General Motors lent AutoGuide a Camaro ZL1 from the press fleet to race competitively against track-prepped cars with race tires. This is the story of how some good ‘ol American muscle earned more than just a podium finish; it earned respect.

Having tested Chevrolet’s segment-busting Camaro ZL1 earlier this year at Virginia International Raceway, I came away from that experience with a touch of post-traumatic stress disorder. I simply did not expect the ZL1 – a 4,100-lb behemoth – to corner with the kind of unrelenting grip and at-the-limit poise as it demonstrated around VIR. Nor did I expect a $55,000 retro-style sports coupe to have one of the most effective and tunable traction control systems I’ve ever tested, as well as magneto-rheological shock absorbers that adjust damping levels up to 1,000 times a second.

The technology hidden beneath the ZL1’s vintage-inspired sheet metal doesn’t end there either. This über Camaro also has greatly improved aerodynamics that produces meaningful downforce for some much needed high-speed stability. And just like you’d find on high-end performance machines and race cars, the ZL1 also has a whole host of auxiliary engine and transmission coolers onboard, along with a new slick-shifting 6-speed transmission that doesn’t require Schwarzenegger-like upper body strength to operate.
Read the complete story on the Camaro ZL1 at AutoGuide.com

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